Get to Know: SparkFire Active

Hi Samantha!

Tell us about your brand and your business model.

There is a fire within every girl, ready to ignite with strength, confidence, and passion. Let that light shine bright and BE THE SPARK!

SparkFire® Active is Performance Activewear specially designed for Teen Girls. Believing that Strong Girls = Strong World, we are a for-profit, for-good social enterprise that funds & supports girls’ education, with a donation from every SparkFire purchase going directly to our girls’ education partners. Every 2 shirts purchased provides a full day of school for a first-generation girl scholar, starting with our first partner school at Sacred Valley Project in Peru, with everything she needs to be in school and stay in school, including books, room, board, school supplies and mentoring support. Every 500 shirts = a full year of education for a girl.

So every SparkFire Girl can Spark It Forward to girls around the world, because a small spark CAN light a great fire! We want to ‘Be The Spark’ to unite all those who believe every girl has the right to go to school, stay in school and reach her full potential.

There are 34 million teen girls in the US, and they are living in casual sports clothes – leggings, running shorts, athletic tops. But activewear clothing today doesn’t fit them right – it’s not sized for their developing bodies, no longer little girls wearing youth sizes, but not yet adult women wearing the styles right for their moms. Nowhere in the marketplace is there a brand specifically targeted for their demographic lifestyle as teen girls, to shine a light of positivity and empowerment.

We use eco-friendly sustainable materials, with USA-made REPREVE® fabric (made from recycled plastic water bottles blended with spandex), all milled and manufactured in the USA. Each SparkFire shirt produced actually removes 16 plastic water bottles from the waste-stream, reducing & reusing with everything we make to #TurnItGreen. We are proud that our SparkFire Active products are designed and developed in the USA, and responsibly hand-made in the Dominican Republic Republic by our US-owned & managed manufacturing partner, using high-tech digital sublimation print technology with hand-sewn quality construction (YES! We know “Who Made Our Clothes”).

SparkFire Active is a unique eco-friendly performance activewear offering specially designed for teen girls, to fit & flatter their developing bodies. From working out to adventuring out, SparkFire Active is designed to help teen girls move freely and feel strong, inside & out, so they are always ready to step off the sidelines and get in the game. SparkFire Active was created for who they are, what they love to do and what they care about most…to Move, Play, Lead, Create, Share, Give and Smile. Be the Spark!

What drove you to start your own label? And what have you enjoyed the most so far?

I am the mother of 2 daughters…they are my SparkFire Girls. They are girls who think the whole world is ahead of them. They spark feisty, strong, boisterous, smart, adventurous, spunky, and so much more. They are brimming with confidence, courage, boldness, creativity, energy, passion, optimism, and a whole unique range of skills, abilities and experiences. But they also face all sorts of pressures, demands, and insecurities. And I see what a significant change there is between those idealistic, happy pre-teen years, and the jump to those demanding high-school adolescent years.

SparkFire is a Girl-Powered business, so everything we design, make, and run is created BY and FOR SparkFire Girls. They are ‘Real Girls’, not photo-shopped models or celebrities. No two SparkFire Girls are identical (in body, mind or spirit), but they do share collective energy and are part of a bigger SparkFire Tribe. They’re never afraid to LET THEIR LIGHT SHINE and USE THEIR VOICE to illuminate the path for others.

Beyond all else, my passion for SparkFire is to help girls grow strong, confident, and bold in knowing her strength, owning her power, and using her voice to help elevate today’s girls to become tomorrow’s leaders. Isn’t that what the world really needs?

What are one or two big goals you’re focusing on in the next 6 months?

SparkFire launched in market in 2016, with product first available for sale on the website in Fall 2016. We conducted a Pilot Market Test (from Q4’16 through Q2’17) to evaluate & validate product, platform, execution, and consumer demand in market. We have successfully progressed through concept, product, partner and web development, and completed first production, with finished goods now available for sale and initial direct sales customer events underway. We have successfully funded our first full year of education for a girl at Sacred Valley Project, in support of our core mission of elevating & empowering girls’ education.

So our big goals for the upcoming 6 months is a focus on direct sales events, with Girl-Power partner organizations, to introduce the brand, share the mission, spread the message and experience the product, with the goal/objective of driving product sales. In addition, we need to focus on converting the growing on-line SparkFire Tribe community to actual e-commerce sales, using targeted digital marketing tools & initiatives.

? You can learn more about SparkFire Active here.

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