Hi Maricar!

Tell us about your brand and your business model.

Maricar Tuazon is a new accessory line that values Timelessness + Sophistication, Possessing a vibrant kinetic energy while maintaining a luxe aesthetic.  It is catered toward career-oriented women in their 30’s to 40’s who understand the true meaning of confidence and style. Our focus is on creating luxury pieces with intrinsic value.

Maricar Tuazon is an accessible luxury brand. We would like to maintain a perfect and delicate balance in terms of pricing, quality, and availability.  Accessible luxury and innovative pricing structure is what we intend to do.

What drove you to start your own label? And what have you enjoyed the most so far?

I wanted to utilize my creative skills in a different capacity and introduce a unique line of women’s accessories to the market.

What are one or two big goals you’re focusing on in the next 6 months?

Currently, I am working on some initiatives to put our products out in the market. My goal is to partner with big box retailers and distribution channels. I would also like to penetrate the Asian market and introduce a new line of accessories in a different concept.

? You can learn more about MARICAR TUAZON here.

? You can shop the MARICAR TUAZON collection here.

? You can connect with Maricar on Instagram here.

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