Get to Know: Aquarelle Maison

Hi Jenny!

Tell us about your brand and your business model.

Aquarelle Maison is a luxury home, lounge wear, and lifestyle brand based in Brooklyn. I bring my aesthetic through unique, one of a kind prints and meticulously draped pieces to tell a story that fuses old world glamour with modern sensibilities and taste.

I began creating at a young age and have always found that the creative process as a whole was and still is, a direct reflection of my most intimate feelings and emotions.  It’s a way to capture a mood as well as the vibrant beauty we encounter in everyday life. This combined with my love for fashion, luxurious fabrics, and a desire for pieces that were chic, wearable, and beautiful, has shaped the line you see before you.

Our design aesthetic is timeless, modern, luxe, sensual, and feminine. Each piece is a meticulous combination of fluidity and form; draping with structure, using the finest fabrics and featuring our captivating prints. Aquarelle Maison aims to bring an experience and emotion to enhance everyday life. Our made to order pieces are customizable and aim to bring some sparkle and ease into your day!

Our stockists include, ABC Carpet & Home, Anthropologie, and Paper Source. Our business model until now has mainly been focused on wholesale orders and press through trade shows, cold calls, and emails as well as Facebook ads and social media. We are now focusing on our e-commerce as well. In the past, we have cut larger collections but, we are now cutting more focused capsule collections instead as quality is always better then quantity in our opinion and this allows us to focus more on each and every detail and aspect!


What drove you to start your own label? And what have you enjoyed the most so far?

Life put me in a precarious position. I found myself needing to shift careers and the job market was tight at the time as the economy was still recovering. After focusing on my art, hoping to create a solid base for myself, I was constantly hearing “I’d love that on a pillow”, or “Could you make that into a dress?” So… being the creative person that I am I thought, why not try? I’ve always loved fashion and have a deep connection with the importance of creating a space for oneself, so it evolved naturally! Really, I just want to create a little beauty and happiness in the World and, if I can do so while making a living for myself, what else could be better?

What are one or two big goals you’re focusing on in the next 6 months?

Expansion and slow quality growth- these goals always exist.  We want long term relationships. Quick buys can be great, but long relationships that we can build with our stockists are so much better. Also, really focusing on keeping our product quality and consistent for our brand voice and expanding our e-commerce outreach

? You can learn more about Aquarelle Maison here.

? You can shop the Aquarelle Maison collection here.

? You can connect with Jenny on Instagram here.

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