Get to Know: AncaDesign

Hi Anca!

Tell us about your brand and your business model.

Every woman deserves to feel good about herself, to look great, and stand out in a crowd. I strive to build beauty and self confidence by adding unique details to classic clothing. A declared fan of a tailored style, I believe that clothes are meant to put us in the best possible light, and help us show the world who we are. The base concept of my designs is practicality and fun, with quality fabrics and details.

Most product is designed in the USA and manufactured in Europe and the USA. The fabrics come from Spain, Greece, Turkey, and yes, the USA. We take pride in who we are today, but don’t forget where we came from.

Finally, I believe that one should not be the slave of fashion, but use fashion as a tool to improve and enrich life. Looking good in your own mirror makes you happy and the feeling reflects, like the proverbial pebble in the water, through all your daily endeavors.

What drove you to start your own label? And what have you enjoyed the most so far?

I worked most of my life building my business, starting in high school in Romania, building my clientele through college – I remember the days I did my commute sitting on my portable sewing machine….I went to a 5 years textile college in Romania, and I studied at every opportunity.

My work defines and describes my life. I never specialized in one aspect of fashion because I enjoy all of them and I believe that variety keeps my imagination going: casual, formal, wedding dresses, and ball gowns, I love them all! But there comes a time when you wonder if custom work is enough, and so I decided to launch my own label, because I wanted to share; to share the colors, the fabrics, the designs, all my findings, and my creations.

Of all the new things that this new business development brought into my life, I find the fashion shows addictive! They’re a great opportunity to show my work, to reach people, and to tell the word about what I have to offer. I love helping woman feel happy with themselves – that’s my goal and the base of my business.

What are one or two big goals you’re focusing on in the next 6 months?

The biggest challenge of a private label to me remains manufacturing. I really need to find a reliable workshop, who makes small runs in a timely manner.

The other goal I’ve been working on this year, and I really would love to solve before the end of it, is finding a digital printing company to work with on my own prints.

? You can learn more about AncaDesign here.

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