Get To Know: Miakoda

Hi Julia!

Tell us about your brand and your business model.

Miakoda is an eco friendly and socially responsible comfy clothing life. Our clothing is made from sustainable plant fibers in an ethical factory in NYC.

Our mission is to create clothing that humans can feel comfortable in both mentally and physically. Our clothing allows your mind to feel free knowing that you did not contribute to the excess waste and pollution of the fast fashion industry and that the garment workers sewing your clothing were treated well and paid a fair living wage. Physically, our clothing is so incredibly soft with the perfect amount of stretch, you’ll never feel constricted or uncomfortable!

What drove you to start your own label? And what have you enjoyed the most so far?

I went vegan and started practicing yoga mid college (studying fashion design at Parsons School of Design in NYC) and began thinking about my footprint and impact on our planet. Veganism to me was never about food, unlike most. I had been vegetarian for a decade prior. I adopted the lifestyle to give up wearing leather, something I felt morally conflicted about for a long time as I knew leather is a bi product of the meat industry and that there were a ton of ethical, environmental, and health concerns surrounding the material. As I learned more about veganism and yoga, I really began to think more and more and more. I no longer felt compelled to design clothing that would be made from fabric that pollutes our earth (conventional cotton is one of the most toxic and chemical laden crops on the planet!), sewn in factories where workers are hardly paid and treated terribly (sweatshops are horrifying), and exploiting animals (animal agriculture kills billions of animals every year and is just terrible for our environment). I wanted to do something that felt purposeful. I wanted to work for a company that aligned with what I value most– that’s how Miakoda was born! I started it with my sister Laura four years ago and we haven’t looked back.

What I have enjoyed the most so far is how much I have learned. I don’t think I would know nearly as much as I do about ethical, sustainable, socially conscious, and eco friendly clothing if I had not started this journey. I’m proud I can offer a product to the world I really feel good about sharing and that I have clothing options I feel confident wearing!

What are one or two big goals you’re focusing on in the next 6 months?

I’m super excited about our next collection launching in August 2017 and I’m currently also working on design a collection for next spring.  One of my big goals is to venture into spreading body positivity thru fashion. Miakoda is based on feeling comfortable mentally and physically in your clothing…. and loving yourself and being comfortable in your skin is SUCH an important factor in that. I’m planning photoshoots and campaigns to help spread this message.

Marketing often thrives on telling humans that they won’t be happy or attractive or successful unless they buy a product. I want everyone to know that they are enough as is and that our clothing is just a way for them to be comfy and make a purchase that they can be proud to support!

? You can learn more about Miakoda here.

? You can shop the Miakoda Collection here.

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