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Get To Know: Delicate Seams

Hi Aida!

Tell us about your brand and your business model.

Delicate Seams is an apparel brand exclusively for the maturing young girl. The flagship line includes 7 undergarment styles – 1st Bra, Cami, Bralette, Sportlette, Hipster, Bikini, and Girlshort. The collection incorporates mature fabrics and trims into appropriate designs that offer great function and fit for a young girl’s developing and changing body. The garments are made of a very forgiving fabric that offers incredible stretch, making the garments great for all body types. The thoughtful color palette includes “Nude”, “Blush”, and “Chocolate”, offering for various skin tones. Delicate Seams promotes modesty in young girls, and we’re “bridging the gap” between young girl and young lady one bralette at a time!

My business model includes both retail and wholesale strategies. While the brands primary retail presence is the online store, I plan to incorporate retail shows and in-home Mother/daughter trunk shows.

I am also incorporating wholesale opportunities as well, attending children’s/teen wholesale shows, with the plan of getting the collection into boutiques and retailers.

Sponsorships have become a big part of my business model. I am currently the first sponsor for Secret Keeper Girl. This organization creates live events nationwide that brings Mothers and daughters together, selling more than 75,000 tickets a year.

What drove you to start your own label? And what have you enjoyed the most so far?

The inspiration behind my brand came from my daughter. At the tender age of 10, she walked in my room one morning as she was getting ready for school and told me that she was embarrassed that you could see her brightly colored panty lines through her clothes. She was so self conscious of this that it affected her self-confidence. I realized at that moment that she was starting to mature, and that her body was going to begin to develop. On my quest to find her flesh-toned undergarments, I realized that there was a huge “gap” in the market. Styles were either too juvenile, or too provocative. So, I designed the the perfect in-between for tween girls – Delicate Seams was born!

I’ve enjoyed the creative process so much on this journey. Taking a design sketch and turning it into a reality has been incredible. However, seeing my daughter wear and love the Delicate Seams’ garments every day is worth platinum. She’s got her confidence back – that is success to me.

What are one or two big goals you’re focusing on in the next 6 months?

One major goal for me is to gain some press. I’d love to be featured in print somewhere. A second goal is to get my collection in a boutique. I’d love to see my garments hanging in a retailer so girls can touch and feel the collection.

? You can learn more about Delicate Seams here.

? You can shop the Delicate Seams Collection here.

? You can connect with Aida on Instagram here.

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