Get To Know: (Ag)+(Au) Clothing

Hi Kaitlin!

Tell us about your brand and your business model.

Silver and Gold Clothing is a contemporary, season-less collection that blends a classic, clean minimalism with inspiration from indigenous cultures from around the world. We use only sustainably sourced, natural, and organic fabrics that feel great on your skin and won’t be hanging around a landfill for thousands of years to come.

We are committed to producing all of our clothing ethically in Vancouver, B.C. or through fair trade manufacturers that pay a living wage and provide higher than standard working conditions. We are human and planet friendly, and vegan, too! Silver and Gold Clothing is slow made, beautiful clothing, designed to withstand your rough-and-tumble lifestyle. It is clothing designed to be lived in – loved, played in, dirtied, and washed and mended. And when you’re done with it, passed down to someone who will continue to love it equally.

What drove you to start your own label? And what have you enjoyed the most so far?

I love fashion and design, but the more I learned about the fashion industry, the more I realized how dangerous, polluting, ego-centric, and frivolous this industry can be. When I was in college “sustainable” design was barely a concept, and the only eco-friendly clothing that could be found looked like hemp potato-sacks and felt just as awful.

I launched (Ag)+(Au) Clothing as a way to fuse design and sustainability. The central idea behind the line is beautifully designed, wearable, high-end clothing that just *happens* to be sustainable and ethically made.

Over the past few years the sustainable design industry has boomed and now I am SO excited about where the fashion industry is headed and to be a part of it. There are so many companies doing amazing things to clean up the industry, and more and more consumers are getting on board and educating themselves about all the nasty habits that this industry has. It gets me really excited to know that the work that I, and other emerging designers are doing is possibly shaping the way that people will shop and think about clothing in the future.

I love being on what I feel is the right side of history – people will never stop wearing clothing, so it’s up to all of us who participate in this huge industry to change the way we create our products and totally re-examine the way we do business. I love that owning my own label gives me the freedom to make quick changes in an industry that is developing so quickly, and that I have the ability to keep learning and growing along with such an exciting time in fashion!

What are one or two big goals you’re focusing on in the next 6 months?

My biggest goal is to get my newest collection, a unisex collection, produced and shown at the next Vancouver Fashion Week.

? You can learn more about (Ag)+(Au) Clothing here.

? You can shop the (Ag)+(Au) Clothing Collection here.

? You can connect with Kaitlin on Instagram here.

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