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Get To Know: Delicate Seams

Delicate Seams is an apparel brand exclusively for the maturing young girl. The collection incorporates mature fabrics and trims into appropriate designs that offer great function and fit for a young girl's developing and changing body.

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Get To Know: Rusalka Lingerie

Rusalka Lingerie is a brand of elegant eco-friendly lingerie and loungewear. Rusalka is a natural blend of comfort and elegance. While other brands focus on two extremes of creating casual nightwear or sexy lingerie, I believe you can have the best of both worlds.  Our eco-friendly materials make women not only look good, but also feel good in their homes.  Our new brand is dedicated to looking your best without sacrificing comfort.

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Get to Know: Clementine Divine

My brand originally started off as soft lace lingerie for petite and small busted women. All items are hand made and currently direct to consumer through our website. The designs have a feminine and slightly cheeky feel and look to them. I have slowly been developing a range of bridal lingerie and with that a collection of wedding garter which will all be launched later this year.

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Get to Know: La Vie en Orange

La Vie en Orange is for people who see the sunshinier side of life. We think clothes should be fun and eco-friendly and there's no better place to start than your undies. We make underwear for women, men, and transgender folks (or just for gender play) out of repurposed tshirts.