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Get to Know: NAIA VIBES

NAIA VIBES is a lifestyle brand inspired by the coastal living for beautiful dreamers around the globe. The major inspiration that pushed me to start the brand came after a two-month surf trip to Central America, where I met amazing and independent women who had left their “normal”, “society approved” life to follow their dreams.


Get to Know: Colorado Hemp Clothing

Pure. Basic. Natural. Colorado Hemp Clothing is good for you and good for Mother Nature. CHC is all about basics. My aim is to bring hemp clothing into the mainstream and ideally to have people wear hemp every day. I sell my clothing online and I am reaching out to other cannabis product manufacturers to use my pieces as logo wear. Our clothing is made in Denver and I am targeting customers who look for clothing that is made in the USA.


Get to Know: Ferocious Love

Ferocious Love is a minimal collection of sustainable pieces that complement a woman’s existing wardrobe. Our goal is to create affordable styles with a low impact to the planet and provide women with ethical clothing that she can count on to make her feel great.  I’m so happy when a customer tells me that she wears one of our items “at least once a week” because she loves it for its comfort and versatility.

Accessories Apparel

Get to Know: Studio Heijne

The vision behind Studio Heijne is to create a sustainable fashion label for the future where all products can be customized and made-to-measure. We want to become the no.1 choice for personalized high quality products. The Studio Heijne woman is style-conscious, has a charismatic personality, knows her style, and wears it with full confidence.

Activewear Apparel Lingerie + Underwear

Get to Know: Majamas

At MAJAMAS, we are committed to making beautiful clothing that doesn't destroy our beautiful planet. Our garments are not only sewn in the United States, but even the elastics and fabrics that go into them are made here too. We do our very best to use Organic Cottons and environmentally friendly fabrics like Modal and Tencel in every piece of clothing we make


Get to Know: Summation

Summation offers womenswear that is the anti-thesis of fast fashion by incorporating the age-old Indian textiles/ surplus export fabric in combination with cutting-edge contemporary design. Each of Summation's collection is the outcome of a design process that draws on our cultural heritage and our design sensibility which is fiercely modern, fashion forward, and minimalist.


Get to Know: AKIRA MING

AKIRA MING is a fashion label for women that has creative imagination, ethics, compassion, and the environment at its heart. Style and elegance have often had an inherent cost for either the environment or for humans. AKIRA MING pushes against this notion and endeavors to produce beautiful styles using the most ethical and sustainable practices.


Get to Know: For Love & Legacy

Love & Legacy is a brand that makes hand-sculpted, hand-painted belt buckles. It's about being who you are and knowing you're a total badass. It's about art, craftsmanship, and doing the work. It's about being built to last and only improving with age.


Get to Know: TMak Sportswear

TMak Sportswear designs and manufactures Après Sport Dresses for athletic women who appreciate a feminine post workout style and wardrobe. I design and manufacture in San Francisco and sell direct to the consumer. I also brand the dresses for athletic clubs to extend their brand beyond the race course for their club members to wear post race or for club events. The ultimate goal of the brand is to expand to designing the perfect sports bra for athletic ladies with bodacious tatas.


Get to Know: Story 81

Story 81 is in it’s early stages and growing - we’re celebrating our first birthday in July! We offer vegan and non-vegan women a subtle way to add a stylish finishing touch to their capsule wardrobe while ensuring that it’s cruelty-free.


Get to Know: Alchemy Detroit Inc.

Alchemy Detroit; a menswear-inspired line known for deceptively simple sophistication, flawless construction, and a keen sense of classic lines. After years of frustration searching for the perfect blazer, only to encounter an increasing trend toward poorly-made, yet still expensive labels, I imagined the welcome return of investment pieces that would last a lifetime.


Get to Know: Wendistry

Wendistry is a contemporary hand-painted handbag and accessories atelier with a focus on capsule collections, “slow fashion” standards, and artisanal functionality. Wearable. Modern. Art. My clients look to make a statement without saying a word. Ladies who look for exclusive items they don’t have in their closet.


Get to Know: Sarmiento Collection

The Sarmiento Collection was born from a desire to create handbags that were exotic yet elegant, to offer a luxury accessory but avoid high priced mark-ups. Our design process involves experimenting with classic silhouettes; equally focused on functionality as much as a striking aesthetic.


Get to Know: Belle Ampleur

Belle Ampleur is a celebration of women of beautiful scale. We make high-quality clothing by hand to perfectly fit every curve of your gorgeous body. Belle Ampleur functions in the style of an atelier, with each garment made to order. We believe in slow fashion, with focus on quality over quantity, and building a deep relationship with each of our clients.


Get to Know: Aquarelle Maison

Aquarelle Maison is a luxury home, lounge wear, and lifestyle brand based in Brooklyn. I bring my aesthetic through unique, one of a kind prints and meticulously draped pieces to tell a story that fuses old world glamour with modern sensibilities and taste.