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Get to Know StartUp FASHION Member: Fabled

Fabled is an independent medical apparel brand that makes high-quality, fashion-forward scrubs for women healthcare professionals. Our designs merge timeless work-wear styles with an emphasis on contemporary fit and thoughtful functionality. We're launching using a pre-sales business model to help fund our first production run.

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Get to Know StartUp FASHION Member: Hokum

Hokum is a luxury label full of colour and whimsy with a strong narrative to each collection. We have an omni channel approach, selling online, in store, and to wholesale accounts. It sounds like a traditional approach, but in many ways we are not. My work desk is set up at the back of the shop allowing customers to see the work that goes on behind the scenes.


Get to Know StartUp FASHION Member: SparkFire Active

SparkFire® Active is Performance Activewear specially designed for Teen Girls. Believing that Strong Girls = Strong World, we are a for-profit, for-good social enterprise that funds & supports girls’ education, with a donation from every SparkFire purchase going directly to our girls’ education partners.


Get to Know StartUp FASHION Member: Lily-Lark

Lily-Lark is a line of UV sun parasols that are equal part sun protection and fashion accessory. They're handmade in Thailand by villagers in a small community on the perimeter of Chiang Mai. The traditional Asian bamboo frame is paired with a fabric canopy printed with contemporary fine art. We offer 13 unique prints.


Get to Know StartUp FASHION Member: Thirteen Seven

Thirteen Seven solves the dreaded problem of boob gape in women's button down shirts. We make high quality shirts for the stylish, modern women. We currently sell direct to consumer only, and as an item based line focused on quality over quantity, are currently only putting out limited batch collections twice a year.


Get to Know StartUp FASHION Member: Modjewel

Modjewel is an innovative accessories brand making handbags that adapt to any style, season or occasion. Our handbags feature a Modular System that allows women to change the exterior of their bag by attaching Modules such as Clasps, Covers and Straps to a reusable handbag base, the Bare Bag.